v-care essential


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    Developed by experts, V-Care Essential offers an affordable & versatile basic shower toilet to respond to the needs of the most demanding consumers


    Features include:


    – Intimate hygiene wash (front & rear)

    – Remote control

    – Adjustable water temperature

    – Adjustable nozzle position

    – Odour filter

    – Soft close heated seat

    – Removable stainless steel nozzle


    **A cistern/frame is required but not included.  The V-Care Essential is compatible with our Tactical Plus frame; please check compatibility if you intend on using other frames/cisterns prior to purchase and installation**


    **The V-Care is flushed in the normal way and therefore requires a flush plate or button that is compatible with your chosen frame/cistern**


    **If unsure of the installation requirements, please contact us**