starck lite



    Starck Lite is an innovative high-quality shower toilet that meets modern requirements – hygienic cleanliness, high ease of use and sustainable design


    – Rear & front and oscillating wash

    – Seat heating

    – Intelligent energy saving mode

    – Warm air dryer

    – Individual adjustment of water

    – Air and seat surface temperature as well as nozzle position and jet strength

    – Automatic drainage in periods of prolonged disuse,

    – Descaling function

    – Night light

    – Rimless

    – Remote control included

    – Washdown model

    – App operation

    – Self-cleaning wand

    – Seat/lid material thermoplastic

    – Concealed connections

    – 20-240V 50/60Hz, EN 1717 compliant


    **A cistern/frame is required but not included.  The Starck Lite is compatible with our Tactical Plus frame; please check compatibility if you intend on using other frames/cisterns prior to purchase and installation**


    **The Starck Lite is flushed in the normal way and therefore requires a flush plate or button that is compatible with your chosen frame/cistern**


    **If unsure of the installation requirements, please contact us**