The Sela impresses with elegance and beauty and embodies the highest quality standards. The shower toilet is more elegant then most with its minimalist design boasting high-quality materials


    The Sela has a number of state-of-the-art functions which include:


    – WhirlSpray shower technology

    – Rimless WC ceramic for greater hygiene

    – TurboFlush technology

    – Remote control

    – Remote control app

    – Programmable user profiles

    – 5 individually regulated shower pressure settings

    – Spray arm position can be set individually

    – Water spray temperature can be set

    – Oscillating spray

    – Separate Lady shower

    – Orientation light

    – White colour coded Soft closing seat

    – Quick release seat

    – User recognition

    – Descaling function

    – Economy mode

    – IPX4

    – 230 V AC nominal voltage

    – 1850w power consumption

    – 0.5 bar minimum water pressure required


    **A cistern/frame is required but not included.  The Sela is compatible with our Tactical Plus frame; please check compatibility if you intend on using other frames/cisterns prior to purchase and installation**


    **The Sela is flushed in the normal way and therefore requires a flush plate or button that is compatible with your chosen frame/cistern**


    **If unsure of the installation requirements, please contact us**