in-wash floorstanding



    Developed by experts, In-Wash incorporates the most advanced technology in an accessible, affordable and versatile shower toilet to respond to the needs of the most demanding consumers


    Its soft curves, simple geometric form and its most advanced intuitive technology make it a practical and pleasant toilet to suit any lifestyle.  Features include:


    – Intimate hygiene

    – Oscillating massage

    – Drying function

    – Remote control

    – Adjustable water temperature

    – Adjustable water pressure

    – Adjustable nozzle position

    – Adjustable drying temperature

    – Night light (4 modes)

    – Soft close seat

    – User detection

    – Self cleaning nozzle

    – IPX4

    – Requires power supply


    **A cistern is required but not included**


    **The In-Wash is flushed in the normal way and therefore requires a flush plate or button that is compatible with your chosen cistern**


    **If unsure of the installation requirements, please contact us**