all saints brass (hidden electric)



    **Manufactured from polished brass (raw/unlacquered)**


    **Electric only version which is pre-fitted with a low energy 230v cable element that exits the bottom right wall bracket/leg as standard**


    **Available in 2 sizes**


    **Element flex is 3m long**


    **IP67 rated – suitable for Zone 1 if installed correctly by a qualified electrician**


    **Standard depth of 125mm**


    **Does NOT include any spurs, on/off switches, timers, stats or dimmer regulators – method of operation will vary upon users preference and building layout**


    **Please see technical data sheet for further information**


    **This is an unlacquered finish that will naturally age and develop a characterful patina over time. This organic process can be left to produce a truly individual finish, or the original finish can be restored by simply cleaning with a suitable metal polish**