Inspired by a particular branch of Japanese natural medicine based on the beneficial effects of contact with plants and the woodland atmosphere


    Yoku’s essential, well-balanced minimalist design is warm, welcoming and natural


    The heater is built into the lowest bench thus displaying an uncluttered, linear effect


    The large glass panel at the front features vertical elements in natural wood on the outside, which make the space inside more private and provide shelving that is open to the external environment




    Lighting with led white light (3000K)

    Heater with stones

    Control panel with brushed steel finish

    Automatic energy-saving function

    Electrical system with protected cable ducts


    Protective grille for heater

    Wooden bucket and ladle


    Outer shelves in pickled steel


    Available in:


    Heat Treated Aspen

    Dark Heat-Treated Solid Wood

    Canaletto Walnut


    Sizes (L x D x H):


    1740 x 1300 x 2140 mm (4.5kW Max)

    1740 x 1700 x 2140 mm (6kW Max)

    2020 x 1800 x 2140 mm (8kW Max)

    2300 x 2000 x 2140 mm (10.5kW Max)

    Bespoke service available upon request

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