With its diverse range of jets, the X-Series offers everything you need for a varied hydrotherapy experience


In other aspects, too, it ensures the very best in terms of affordable performance: from design to workmanship, from ease of operation to energy efficiency


    The X-Series has high standards, and this includes being able to choose between a variety of models with a large amount of stainless steel jets with different arrangements and functions. Moreover, you can enjoy features such as the illuminated waterfall, comfortable headrests and design details that help clean the water easily and naturally – from the ozonator to the large filter through to sophisticated technology


    The X-Series allows you to add optional accessories such as a Bluetooth-enabled audio system for maximum listening pleasure. You can place your smartphone in the designated box, ensuring it will stay waterproof, to feed the music tracks you want to listen to; and the speakers for the right sound? They have been incorporated into the hot tub design and provide relaxing, pleasurable moments


    JetPak technology

    JetPaks are removable massage units that can be positioned as desired, making them perfect for any kind of massage. This modular construction also minimises the amount of piping required inside the hot tub and, in turn, makes it less susceptible to errors. This also significantly reduces energy costs while improving performance compared to conventional hot tubs


    Maximum energy efficiency

    The golden rules for house-building also apply when it comes to selecting a hot tub. An effectively insulated and high-quality hot tub uses less energy to heat the water to a pleasant temperature and keep it there. Calculated as an annual average, the excellent full-foam insulation in these hot tubs reduces power costs to a minimum – depending on how you use it. This is good news for your wallet, and for you: allowing you to enjoy your well-deserved relaxation


    Long durability

    From the ground up, these hot tubs are built with the utmost precision on the patented EnduraFrame™ support structure, a sturdy, hard-wearing ABS plastic frame made without wood or metal, so it will never rot or corrode. All components are precision aligned the exact same way every time, with no space for human error


    Wide variety of models and colours

    They are available in a wide variety of sizes and colour combinations. Together with the JetPaks, which can be combined in a variety of ways, this opens up a wide range of options for you to put together your customised hot tub


    Easy cleaning

    Acrylic surfaces are non-porous, smooth and very easy to clean. To maintain their shine, we recommend regular care with non-scratch, liquid care products


    Available in:


    Inside shell: Platinum

    Outer Panelling: Harbour Grey

    Cover: Ash Grey




    2390 x 2390 x 970 mm (for 6 – 8 users)

    2240 x 2240 x 910 mm (for 5 – 6 users)

    2030 x 2240 x 860 mm (for 5 – 6 users)

    2010Dia x 910 mm (for 5 – 6 users)

    1730 x 2130 x 790 mm (for 3 users)


    Multiple JetPak configurations available.  Please contact us for further details

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