Experience the positive effect of Aquapressure massage at home on a daily basis


The Water Fan targets the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae with an intense massage flow


    These specially designed jets work in conjunction with one another providing a relaxing massage of the entire back.  Massage jets with an intensive vertical jet at the level of the thoracic vertebrae and a horizontal jet in the lumbar region ensure an effective back treatment


    Adjustable in height, the nozzles can be positioned exactly to your body size. Experience the full range of hydromassage by adding the Water Curve


    What is Aquapressure?

    In acupressure, we use parts of the body such as thumbs, fingers, the ball of the thumb or elbows.  This is how we exert pressure on the meridians and the acupuncture points, to achieve the desired effect.  In Aquapressure, this function is taken over by the pressure of water.  It leads to increased blood flow in the skin and muscles at the relevant points and meridians.  This is especially apparent when combined with the right amount of warmth.


    The medium of water is also especially interesting because it can take into account the basic action parameters of Chinese Medicine – intensity of pressure, location, duration and temperature – all at the same time.  That is, the central parameters which can have a positive influence on our life-force energy.  Aquapressure actually helps us to ease away blockages and tension while taking a shower.


    Specific stimulation of selected acupuncture points harmonises the life-force energy.  Problems such as tension in the head, neck and shoulder area are alleviated or prevented from happening in the first place.  This in turn improves the sense of well-being and helps to increase vitality; but acupressure can also have a positive effect on the psyche, in cases of anxiety or insomnia, for instance.  The big advantage of Aquapressure is that it can be carried out independently, in the comfort of the home.  So every day, you can do something for your health – simply by taking a shower


    Available in:


    Polished Chrome

    Platinum Matt


    Cyprum (polished copper)

    Dark Brass Matt

    Dark Bronze Matt

    Dark Platinum Matt

    Matt Black


    Size (W x H x P):


    240 x 60 x 13 mm (exposed trim set)

    225 x 135 x 198 mm (concealed part)


    Max Flow: 10Lpm

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