The powerful, graceful cascade of water is the perfect way to gently massage the neck and back area, to cool down after a sauna or every now and again, for refreshment


    Just like a natural waterfall, the wide cascade of water falling onto the neck and shoulder area is delivered by the power of gravity alone


    As if from a stylised river bed, the water naturally falls over the edge of the open spout. Soft like a rivulet in a rock or as strong as a waterfall in a mountain stream. The amount of water can be freely regulated. As a bathtub spout, Water Fall already turns filling into an experience. In the shower, Water Fall becomes a holistic body experience that is also very suitable for hydrotherapies or Kneipp treatments


    With its architectural design, Water Fall blends harmoniously into the existing bathroom ambience and can be combined across the wellness range we have on offer


    Available in:


    Polished Chrome

    Platinum Matt


    Cyprum (polished copper)

    Dark Brass Matt

    Dark Bronze Matt

    Dark Platinum Matt

    Matt Black


    Size (W x H x P):


    240 x 60 x 120 mm


    Max Flow: 26.5Lpm at 3 bar pressure

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