The Vertical Shower is more than just water falling from above; it combines specialised product positioning with different flow modes. These massage your back and shoulders, surround your body with wellness and deliver an unforgettable spa experience




    A shower experience that combines different outlets and flow modes into unique water experiences.  The wellness shower provides many relaxing and health-enhancing water applications in your own bathroom – from neck to back massage


    A Water Curve massage jet gives a therapeutic massage to the neck and shoulders. Water hits the skin at different pressure intensities, resulting in increased blood circulation in these parts of the body. This outlet jet not only helps ease tenseness in muscles, it can also be used to specifically stimulate pressure points and meridians:
    Its innovative form of water presentation has been named aquapressure by the manufacturer, Dornbracht; and is based on the principles of acupressure – a tried, and tested method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The Water Curve outlet features a special flow mode, which Dornbracht has developed specifically for this new type of water application. The water flows powerfully, fanning out into many small particles. It exerts a deeply massaging effect, and is simultaneously soft and gentle on the skin.
    The pressure of the water can be varied, so that it is in keeping with the desired effect. Moderate pressure is calming and diverting, whereas firm pressure is strengthening and activating. Alternating the intensity of the pressure, however, has a balancing effect. The height of the Water Curve jet is adjustable, and can be adapted to the specific height of an individual


    Water Fan outlets give the entire back a massage. This is achieved by one massage jet at thoracic vertebrae height (vertical Water Fan) and one in the lumbar vertebrae region (horizontal Water Fan). The innovative fanned-out flow mode of these jets achieve an especially deep massaging effect. Combined with the warmth of the water, this effectively
    loosens tense parts of the body:
    It boosts blood circulation and therapeutically warms and relaxes the muscles. These massage jets can also be used in the context of TCM to specifically target pressure points and meridians (“aquapressure”).  Their height is adjustable, so they can be accurately adapted to the specific height of an individual


    The Just Rain rain shower completes the set and produces rain from above which envelops your body in large, glistening drops. Their special secret is that they are not under pressure as they fall from the shower, so they gently fall on your head, neck and shoulders – just like a shower of rain. The rain falling from Just Rain leaves you feeling remarkably close to nature


    Pre-Programmed Signature Treatments



    Warm water and moderate, pleasantly warm temperatures and alternating massage flow intensities ensure a balanced loosening of the back muscles. The massage shower makes you feel secure, as if being stroked by a hand, as it luxuriously envelops your body. Harmony is restored to your senses, you feel balanced and your mind is clear



    Warm water and powerful massage flows thoroughly loosen and activate the neck and back muscles. The therapeutic water pressure drives away tiredness and dispenses new energy – you feel refreshed, rested and ready for the day



    The interplay of hot and cold temperatures and alternating, short-lived massage flow intensities loosens up all the back muscles. Tension is released, the unruly torrent of thoughts gradually dies down. Your mind and body are pure and clear once again


    Available in:


    Polished Stainless Steel/Chrome

    Brushed Stainless Steel/Platinum Matt




    Just Rain wall or ceiling shower head

    1 x Water Curve

    1 x Water Fan (vertical)

    1 x Water Fan (horizontal)

    Hand shower Set

    Electronic Smart Tool Controls

    Installation Support

    Maintenance Service


    N.B.  There are lots of installation requirements for this amazing experience shower.  Please contact us for all of the detailed technical information

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