The wallpaper by Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings comes from high-end craftsmanship, modern technology and Italian design. Furthermore, it is an ecological wallpaper made with completely ecological materials and conceived to be in perfect harmony with all environments and furniture. They are inspired by different atmospheres and subjects, in order to create a spectacular, creative, and highly artistic effect for any kind of interior and bathroom space


    The size of this graphic is completely customisable, following the specific characteristics of your own project. You can send us the measurements and a digital picture of the wall you would like covered and we can send you a quote and a rendered image of how it would look


    This range is available in several different colour tone variants and the choice of the following effects/supports:


    This wallpaper is made of fiberglass enabling usage within the most humid environments (excluding steam rooms) including the bathroom and inside a shower cubicle/area. The exclusive SD technology used for the graphic realisation and the high resolution of the digital printing perform a wide chromatic range of colour with stunning decorative effects


    A technical wallpaper, with a structured fabric effect surface, that allows the reproduction of bright colours and very fine detailed texture design


    A technical wallpaper, with a structured rounded textured effect, that allows the reproduction of bright colours and very fine detailed texture design


    A technical wallpaper, with a smooth surface, that allows the reproduction of bright colours and very fine detailed texture design


    Cellulose fibre-based, PVC-free and without chemical solvents, provided with all certifications required for application in private and public locations. The support is white, embossed and thick, with a stucco effect. Moreover, this support guarantees photographic-quality images, with extremely bright and vivid colours


    Only a few millimetres thick and digital-printed in high resolution. As a result of an accurate study on materials, Soundproof is an innovative support that can be applied both to walls and ceilings. Its particular structure obstructs the passage of sound waves and allows:


    the absorption of noises and sounds, which are softened both from the outside towards the inside of the environment and vice versa


    the decrease of the echo and reverberation effects of the room, making it easier to concentrate for the people who are working or studying inside


    the acoustic isolation even in environments that are characterised by lack of space, as an efficient and thin support


    Therefore, Soundproof can be successfully applied not only in offices and private houses, but also in public areas, such as bars, restaurants, hospitals, medical clinics, halls, waiting rooms, and in every space where noise absorption is necessary


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