With Sensory Sky luxury shower, you experience showering in new dimensions and with all your senses


Water, light and fragrances are combined with one another by the latest technology and minimalist, timeless design


This interaction brings wellness at a luxury level


    With the luxury shower, Sensory Sky, showering becomes a unique experience that touches all the senses


    Sensory Sky enables the user to enjoy a sensory experience as if showering in the open air. The interaction of different rain modes, mist, mood lighting and fragrances in the luxury shower is inspired by nature’s weather phenomena, and touches all the senses


    The generous rain sky is flush to the ceiling and presents a completely new kind of rain shower. Huge, gentle drops echo nature as they fall from 345 finely adjusted individual jets. The luxury shower has several separate nozzle arrays:


    Experience a pleasant tingling as water falls from the overhead spray onto your face, neck and hair. A familiar and relaxing shower experience


    The body spray envelops your shoulders and upper body, while your head and face stay dry. Breathing freely, you enjoy a therapeutic shower with all of your senses


    The rain curtain surrounds your body like a protective waterfall. The drops fall to the ground in a cluster and the outside world recedes behind a curtain of water


    The cold water mist nozzle refreshes you with pleasantly cool water vapour


    The complex technology of Sensory Sky is hidden behind a minimalist and timeless design. The luxury shower is controlled easily and intuitively by Smart Tools. Use the digital control elements to activate sprays, jets, light and fragrances separately and independently of one another, or to choose one of three pre-programmed signature treatments


    Pre-Programmed Signature Treatments



    Readjust sharpens the senses. Mist and soft rain reduce the daily flood of stimuli to a soothing minimum – until the gentle light of dawn sets in, the sky gradually clears and your awareness becomes more conscious and intense once again. The fresh-woody meadow herbs and sweet fruity hints of berries that compose the luxury shower are reminiscent of the pleasantly soft fragrance of a dry forest floor, and boost the feeling of revival after your shower



    Release is reminiscent of the intense summer rain that simultaneously cleanses and liberates. Pent-up energies are discharged in different rain modes and in invigorating changes of temperature and light. The alternation of cool and warm water in the rain curtain and the fascinating interplay of a summer shower and sheet lightning encourage a feeling of release – accompanied by a refreshing, seemingly tropical fragrance with hints of citrus and an earthy base. A new beginning for body, mind and soul



    Rejoice protects, envelops and stabilises. The outer, warm rain curtain of the luxury shower becomes a projection screen for the light effects, as water droplets glisten in all the colours of the rainbow. Added to this is a poetic composition of fragrance, which combines fresh and clear notes with a spicy-sweet and woody finish. A multi-faceted and harmonious interplay of colours, fragrances and water modes that gradually spreads through the entire organism and harmonises all the senses


    Available in:


    Polished Stainless Steel/Chrome

    Brushed Stainless Steel/Platinum Matt




    Rain Panel Shower Head

    Hand Shower Kit

    Electronic Smart Tool Controls

    Installation Support

    Maintenance Service



    N.B.  There are lots of installation requirements for this amazing experience shower.  Please contact us for all of the detailed technical information

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