The return to traditional values – a modern trend


    Today, everyone is talking about vintage. The return to traditional values is not just a passing fad but a long-term, modern trend. The innovation lies in the use of progressive techniques in an apparently traditional design; and this is exactly what makes these kinds of materials, fabrics, objets d’art and accessories so attractive


    The 60 x 60 cm décor tiles are a premium design highlight of the Rookie range. Available in six colours, they depict six different Gründerzeit and Jugendstil decorations. The tiles have a natural touch with beautiful stone structures combined to create innovative finishes


    Thanks to the used look, the décors resemble real historical tiles demonstrating signs of wear; however, they offer all the technical advantages of glazed vilbostone porcelain stoneware. The vintage décors are either mixed into a covering or laid as a continuous pattern to create a carpet effect


    Available in:


    75 x 75 mm

    300 x 600 mm

    600 x 600 mm

    10mm thick


    Numerous decors available


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