For a showering experience like never before


Ceiling mounted with 3 functions and built-in lighting


    This module is for recessing into the ceiling


    A 3 outlet shower valve is required to control the three types of rain, either individually or in combination – the rain curtain, which surrounds the outer extremities of the user, the body shower, which surrounds the whole person with water, and the head shower, whose rain gently hits the head, neck and face. Rain Sky M is one of the only rain panels with a switchable shower head – so that no water runs over the face if desired



    Head spray 200 x 160mm, 99 nozzles

    Body spray 360 x 280mm, 142 nozzles

    Rain curtain 720 x 540 mm, 124 nozzles

    Cover plate, stainless steel 1020 x 820 mm

    3 x Flexible connection hose 1/2″ – female thread

    4 x Mounting brackets

    Pre-fitted stainless steel enclosure

    2 light gaps, electronic ballast, T 5 fluorescent tubes, 39 watts – light colour 830


    Technical Info

    Minimum flow rate 35 l/min (all 3 rain modes together)

    43.5 l/min (at 3 bar) at its maximum provided valve being used allows

    Minimum flow pressure 2 bar

    Max. flow pressure 4 bar

    Weight: 50kg

    Electricity supply: 220-240 V AC/DC, OHz, 50-60 Hz, 88 W

    IP65 rated



    Available in:


    Matt High-Grade Steel

    Polished High-Grade Steel


    Size (L x W x D):


    1020 x 820 x 130 mm (overall)

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