A built-in compact half neck and back unit providing infrared treatment whilst you shower


    Pure is a compact model that can treat about half of the body.  Just a single 1000W infrared lightbulb has a very powerful effect


    User-friendly touch screen


    Turn it on with one press of the button


    Set the timer for each session (up to max. 10 minutes)


    Gradual cooling: after use, the unit cools off in four minutes


    IP Rating:  IPX5



    Benefits of Infrared


    Infrared radiation penetrates deeply into the skin. The energy of infrared light penetrates into our body, which causes molecules to move and in this way, causes heat. This raises the body temperature, while the surroundings feel cool. In addition to a sense of well-being and relaxation, infrared radiation decreases back and neck complaints, muscle pain and rheumatic complaints and it stimulates blood circulation


    Available in:


    Sandblasted White Glass

    Black Glass


    Size (H x W x D):


    620 x 200 x 100 mm


    Technical information available upon request

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