A clever combination of aesthetics and technology


The interior of One is tiled in carefully-crafted Slimtech® grès porcelain to ensure contact with bare skin creates a warm, natural sensation


    Uses an Aquasteam steam generator, for total steam density and hygiene control


    Available in three standard finishes or with a personalised colour scheme


    Extremely versatile, ideal for location in a spa, gym or a private home


    The perfect Turkish bath is created by optimum density steam that stays constant over time, with the temperature above 40°C




    Aquasteam generator

    Laminated gres porcelain bench

    Lighting system with LED RGB colour therapy 5 fixed colours and 4 dynamic cycles and white light

    Remotely control from your Tablet or Smartphone


    Available in:


    Soft Sand

    Sand C030

    Sand W030

    White Cloud

    Cloud C020

    Cloud W030



    Size (L x D x H):


    2140 x 1710 x 2260 mm (4.5kW Max)

    Bespoke service available upon request


    Sound system and single control manual handheld shower mixer set (chrome) available upon request


    Available in the following versions:


    Right-Hand Corner

    Left-Hand Corner



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