The Nuvola Smart Power range of steam generators is the product of experience and sensitivity to aesthetic effect


    Nuvola Smart Power is a high-performance range of steam generators, suitable for both professional and domestic use


    The automated electronic management system makes Nuvola Smart Power the hi-tech solution that combines ease of use with multiple functions to guarantee controlled steam output speed, longevity, low maintenance and energy saving


    The touch panel with backlit icons is both attractive and user-friendly




    Regulating Water Flow: Can work on a wide range of water systems with different pressures

    Smart Water Filling: Optimised management of boiler filling

    Smart Boiler Cleaning: Dilution and intermediate rinsing processes not time controlled but based on real need

    Smart Energy Control: Evenly spaced on/off periods for the heating elements

    Open Door Sensor

    Can be remotely controlled via App

    The steam diffuser has adjustable flaps to control the outgoing steam direction

    Cubicle air-recirculation system built into the water-resistant fan

    Essential oils container

    Steam output led light

    Additional temperature probe inside the diffuser

    Touch screen backlit control panel


    Sizes (W x D x H):


    Generator:  520 x 260 x 270 mm (2.5 – 9kW versions)

    Generator:  520 x 260 x 450 mm (11 – 18kW versions)

    Generator:  520 x 260 x 950 (2 x vertically stacked) mm (25 – 36kW versions)

    Control Panel:  180 x 60H mm

    Control Panel Mounting Box:  190 x 80 x 43 mm


    Power options:


    2.5kW (0 – 2.5 cubic metres)

    3kW (2.5 – 3.5 cubic metres)

    4.5kW (3.5 – 4.5 cubic metres)

    5.5kW (4.5 – 5.5 cubic metres)

    7kW (5.5 – 7.2 cubic metres)

    9kW (7.2 – 9.2 cubic metres)

    11kW (9.2 – 12 cubic metres) – 2 diffusers

    14kW (12 – 15 cubic metres) – 2 diffusers

    18kW (15 – 25 cubic metres) – 2 diffusers

    25kW (25 – 35 cubic metres) – 4 diffusers

    36kW (35 – 50 cubic metres) – 4 diffusers


    Further control, sound system and light options available upon request



    When constructing a steam/steam-shower area strict guidelines should be adhered to so that the efficiency of the space is maximised and the Generator used to its full potential; please contact us for further details and/or to request an installation quote

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