This sauna comes complete with a shower area, carefully designed to be faithful to the Finnish tradition


    System incorporating a Finnish sauna and shower


    The entire sauna area is clad in Canadian hemlock wood, the most highly prized material for Finnish saunas


    The outside of the sauna is available in three standard finishes or with personalised colour schemes


    The sauna and shower are two complementary elements, their spaces designed for the utmost comfort and practicality


    The sauna creates a very warm, dry environment, almost completely free from humidity. The sweating stimulated by this rids the body of toxins. After your sauna session, a warm or cool shower is an extremely pleasant way of toning up




    Wooden benches

    Heater with stones

    Touch Control Panel

    Automatic energy-saving function

    Bucket built into lower bench

    Wooden ladle


    Electrical system with protected cable ducts

    Lighting system with LED RGB colour therapy 5 fixed colours and 4 dynamic cycles and white light


    Available in:


    Canadian Hemlock


    Size (L x W x H):


    2140 x 2500 x 2260 mm (6kW Max)

    Bespoke service available upon request


    Available in the following versions:


    Right-Hand Corner

    Left-Hand Corner




    Semi-Right Hand Corner

    Semi-Left Hand Corner

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