A massage shower which brings a totally new feeling of wellness. The unique thing about the Horizontal Shower is that it helps you relax whilst reclined and delivers the ultimate in well-being – rather like a massage


A shower concept that helps you get away from everyday stress; tension melts away with the water, and your body and mind feel noticeably revitalised


    The Horizontal Shower ensures maximum Relaxation, you can be completely relaxed lying down. Without pressure the water falls on the body and conveys a completely new feeling of a massage shower

    It can also be combined with different wellness applications, such as peeling or soap-foam massages. The massage shower is not just an enhancement for the private spa, it is also in demand throughout the world for leading wellness hotels and spa providers


    With the Horizontal Shower, for the first time, showering with the Ambiance Tuning Technique can be enjoyed lying down. Electronically controlled eVALVEs control the pressure, temperature and flow rate of the water. Discover maximum relaxation while lying down with the 3 pre-programmed Signature Treatments


    The massage shower has six Water Bars (soft massage jets) that are recessed above the reclining area. Water falls onto your body in soft raindrops, ensuring a unique wellness experience that is as therapeutic as a massage. Intuitive control with the Smart Tools is easy, even when lying down


    Pre-Programmed Signature Treatments



    The alternating hot-and-cold rain flow and varying water volume of the water massage starts from the shoulders and soles of the feet and converges at the body’s midsection. You feel that your body is being gently stroked, which has a wonderfully balancing effect



    With its cascade-style water presentation, this Signature Treatment invigorates the body and the mind. Fine streams of water are followed by intense, heavy rain, which in turn is followed by fine streams of water. Accompanied by several changes in temperature, this Signature Treatment dispenses new energy



    You enjoy this Signature Treatment while lying on your back. Uniform raindrops fall from your shoulders to your feet, as the water heats up slowly and purposefully. A deeply relaxing water massage that melts away stress


    Available in:


    Polished Chrome

    Platinum Matt




    6 x Water Bars

    Hand shower Set (optional)

    Electronic Smart Tool Controls

    Installation Support

    Maintenance Service


    N.B.  There are lots of installation requirements for this amazing experience shower.  Please contact us for all of the detailed technical information

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