Waterproof wall matting protecting your property against intrusive water and moisture


    Homelux Waterproof Matting gives a 100% guaranteed seal*, protecting your property against intrusive water and moisture:


    Ensures complete watertight protection, preventing the migration of vapour from the tile surface to the substrate


    Prevents costly damage to your frames, building joints and plasterboard caused by leaks


    Prevents unsightly damp patches on the ceiling in the room below



    Further benefits of Homelux Waterproof Matting include:


    Quick and easy to apply


    No waiting or drying time – install tiles immediately if desired


    Install with Homelux Joint Tape, Corners and Pipe Collars to ensure a complete seal


    Uniform thickness of 0.85mm with no weak points, so minimal building up of the floor level


    10 year guarantee*



    *when fitted in accordance with Homelux instructions, using Homelux accessories


    Available in:


    5m x 1mm Rolls

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