Unique floating uncoupling mat for unprepared problem floors


    Flexbone 2Easy is a unique floating uncoupling mat where no adhesive is needed underneath – a truly uncoupled system; and because it is floating, only basic preparation is needed – simply sweep solid, level floors and lay the mat. Removal of residue, bitumen or laitance is not required and nor is priming.


    Tile immediately to contaminated, stained or cracked screeds and over bitumen. Fast-track tiling on new anhydrite and sand:cement screeds that aren’t cured as moisture evaporates through covering joints


    Perfect for light commercial and domestic projects, Flexbone 2Easy is a game-changing uncoupling system saving you time and money. Save a massive 2kg/m2 on adhesive compared to bonded mats, plus save on primer and preparation tools and products


    Use for:


    Large format ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, slabs with minimum edge length of 200mm


    Protecting existing floor coverings i.e sensitive heritage background


    Unprepared internal floor substrates – provided they are flat


    Counteracting tension stresses between substrate and tiled surface


    Cracked substrates, mixed substrates, bitumen, contaminated and stained substrates


    Light trafficked commercial areas


    Bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and conservatories


    Heated floors, timber floors, existing load bearing floor surfaces


    New cement:sand screeds (when walkable), anhydrite screeds at 1.5% CM (usually 0.5% CM)


    Colour: Grey with blue mesh


    Pack sizes:  20m rolls, 5 x 2m2 sheets


    Sheet Width: 1m plus 50mm overlapping


    Sheet Thickness:  3mm


    Roll Weight: approx. 18kg


    Sheet Weight: approx 1.8kg/per sheet

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