The Fitbox Hammam system designed by Giovanna Talocci and Marco Pallocca has been created to fit all functions of a Hammam and shower into minimal spaces and can easily be adapted to the existing interior


    This is a perfect example of a winning concept leading to the creation of wellbeing products with professional performance but with features and sizes that are also suitable for home environments


    Fitbox combines a Hammam with a shower that fits into a contained space with plenty of options for personalisation. An aluminium frame with uncluttered lines surrounds fixed panels in clear 8mm thick glass, also supporting the ceiling in opaline glass that lets the light through but seals in the steam produced by the generator. The flexibility of the frame enables a great many options for personalisation of the size and shape of the opening


    Fitbox can be fitted to both traditional-style shower trays and flush with the floor; in the latter case getting rid of the architectural barrier when entering the shower. These features make Fitbox perfectly adaptable to any needs in the home or hospitality sector, in terms of style, practicality and size


    Built-in lower ventilation for maximum steam circulation


    The steam generator, seat and shower fittings are NOT included allowing you to personalise the area further


    Outward opening door


    Wall side door hinge and door hinge on glass variations


    +/- 5mm adjustment (width & depth)


    Available in:


    Brushed Aluminium

    Anodised Brushed Black


    Sizes (W x D x H):


    1200 x 800 x 2200 mm  (2 cubic metres)

    1400 x 900 x 2200 mm  (2.7 cubic metres)

    Made to measure available


    Generators, sound system, benches and light options available upon request



    When constructing a steam/steam-shower area strict guidelines should be adhered to so that the efficiency of the space is maximised and the Generator used to its full potential; please contact us for further details and/or to request an installation quote

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