For ultimate wellness and relaxation


A seated shower experience to enjoy combining intense regeneration with great comfort


      The Comfort Shower combines intense regeneration with great comfort. The innovative seated shower enhances your private spa with a unique application. Different outlets and flow modes let you enjoy therapeutic water experiences at the touch of a button while seated. You can relax deeply, and enjoy Treatments such as affusions or peeling, or even shave your legs in comfort


      This seated shower combines the Big Rain ceiling shower with the Water Fall cascade spout with pearl stream; with this flow mode, the water falls gently onto the neck and shoulder area and luxuriously envelops your body, as if you were under a natural waterfall. At the same time, a powerful stream of water from two Water Bars massages your upper and lower back, pleasantly relaxing and loosening. Therapeutic Kneipp treatments can also be carried out with the addition of an Affusion Pipe


      Pre-Programmed Signature Treatments



      The water becomes the source of spiritual strength. This Signature Treatment brings your body and mind into balance with a slowly rising temperature in the back and neck area and a simultaneous, warm leg massage



      Wellness that imparts strength. This treatment brings new energy. All your senses are sharpened and stimulated by a contrast affusion in the back and neck area. The organism powers up



      The water cleanses the mind. It soothes and powers down the organism. This Signature Treatment uses warm neck and leg massage to help you to relax and be fit and mentally strong enough to face the challenges of everyday life


      Available in:


      Polished Stainless Steel/Chrome

      Brushed Stainless Steel/Platinum Matt




      Big Rain Shower Head

      Water Fall with Pearl Stream

      2 x Water Bars

      Affusion Pipe kit

      Electronic Smart Tool Controls

      Installation Support

      Maintenance Service



      N.B.  There are lots of installation requirements for this amazing experience shower.  Please contact us for all of the detailed technical information

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