Functional, stylish, luxurious, a Rodolfo Dordoni with Michele Angelini design that engages all the senses


    Sauna wood finish available in Canadian Hemlock and heat-treated hardwood, available also with surfaces in mirror on demand


    The BodyLove sauna heater is covered in glazed ceramic in unique colour combinations, a luxury material that enhances the soft beauty of the wood. The source of heat, the element of prime importance in the Finnish sauna tradition, has made a comeback with a new aesthetic that once again casts it in a starring role


    BodyLove includes exterior panelling highlighting the home dimension of the system, designed to be part of the furniture


    ESS is available on iOS


    BodyLove offers countless customisation options as far as choice and combination of materials to realise a real custom made spa solution




    Wooden benches

    Heater with stones

    Ceramic heater cover

    Control panel with brushed steel finish

    Automatic energy-saving function

    Electrical system with protected cable ducts

    Lighting system with LED RGB colour therapy 5 fixed colours and 4 dynamic cycles and white light

    Wooden bucket and ladle


    Remotely control from your Tablet or Smartphone


    Available in:


    Exterior –

    Smooth Canadian Hemlock

    Smooth Heat-Treated Hemlock



    Interior –

    Canadian Hemlock

    Heat-Treated Wood


    Size (L x D x H):


    2000 x 1760 x 2200 mm (8kW Max)

    Bespoke service available upon request


    Available in the following versions:


    Right-Hand Corner

    Left-Hand Corner



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