The perfect blend of the ancient Scandinavian sauna tradition and up-to-the-minute design


    Built entirely from highly-prized Finnish pine or knot-free Canadian hemlock and 8mm low-emission toughened glass panels


    Auki can easily be adapted to fit the available space, also for made-to-measure solutions


    Auki has a stylish edge-mounted door handle that doesn’t interrupt the glass panels, preserving the clean lines


    Auki saunas have particularly welcoming interiors with wooden slats of various sizes




    Wall lighting with led white light (3000K)

    Heater with stones

    Control panel with brushed steel finish

    Automatic energy-saving function

    Electrical system with protected cable ducts

    Side glass panel


    Protective grille for heater

    Wooden bucket and ladle



    Available in:



    Fir Wood


    Sizes (L x D x H):


    1280 x 1260 x 2010 mm (3kW Max)

    1890 x 1260 x 2010 mm (4kW Max)

    2020 x 1520 x 2010 mm (4.5kW Max)

    2280 x 1700 x 2010 mm (6kW max)

    Bespoke service available upon request

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