A curved glass panel with digital controls, plus a spring and a bowl, make Aquasteam intuitive to use


    Teams perfectly with any type of covering and can fit spaces of all sizes


    The water delivery system is backlit to create a delightful effect of water seemingly gushing out of a natural spring in the wall


    The bowl that collects the water is modelled on the traditional hammam design


    No remotely located generator required.  Only needs a 100mm clear cavity behind exposed glass system for install




    Automatic boiler cleaning system

    Water flow rate control system

    Automatic water drainage system

    Automatic energy-saving function

    Touch screen control panel

    Waterfall spring

    Container for essential oils

    Can be remotely controlled via App


    Available in:


    Curved silk-screen printed glass panel with RAL 9003 painted aluminium


    Sizes (W x D x H):


    Counterbox:  370 x 100 x 540 mm

    Glass Panel:  250 x 37 x 570 mm


    Power options:


    3kW (0 – 3.5 cubic metres)

    4.5kW (3.5 – 4.5 cubic metres)


    Further control, sound system and light options available upon request



    When constructing a steam/steam-shower area strict guidelines should be adhered to so that the efficiency of the space is maximised and the Generator used to its full potential; please contact us for further details and/or to request an installation quote

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