An original, contemporary design which, as the name implies, features a light and airy feel created by the suspended seating and symmetrical lines with the heater in a central position


    The suspended benches create a lightweight design enabling the sauna to be installed on existing flooring


    The centrally placed heater makes Air the ideal meeting place to relax in company


    The interior and walls are made of luxurious Lithuanian aspen wood, either natural or heat-treated for a long life


    The bench seats project outside, creating a handy towel holder and shelf


    Ample glass surfaces in 10mm toughened glass


    The Led lighting underneath the benches enhances the light and airy atmosphere




    Wall lighting with led white light (3000K)

    Heater with stones

    Control panel with brushed steel finish

    Automatic energy-saving function

    Electrical system with protected cable ducts

    Side glass panel


    Protective grille for heater

    Wooden bucket and ladle




    Available in:


    Natural Aspen Wood

    Heat Treated Aspen Wood


    Sizes (L x D x H):


    2170 x 1620 x 2130 mm (6kW Max)

    2470 x 1820 x 2130 mm (8kW Max)

    2830 x 2520 x 2130 mm (12kW Max)

    2170 x 1620 x 2130 mm (in corner model – 8kW max)

    2470 x 1820 x 2130 mm (in corner model – 10.5kW Max)

    Bespoke service available upon request

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